Best Hair Transplantation In Jaipur With Interlocking FUE Technique

Admin By Admin - Jan 24, 2024

During a hair transplant operation, there are numerous factors to consider when creating an ideal recipient site, such as angle, tilt, direction, pattern, density, etc. We'll only address one of the factors: interlocking. For the benefit of the general reader, recipient sites are the "holes" the surgeon makes to receive the dissected hair grafts. The recipient sites specify the pattern, distribution, size, angle, and other characteristics that will be used while inserting the grafts. Consequently, the surgeon must design the optimal recipient sites. Adhering to the interlocking-sites principle is crucial for achieving that accomplishment.

There is a reduced visual density when hair grafts are arranged row after row in a parallel pattern because it is easy to see through them. It is considerably more difficult to see through or between the grafts when they are interlocked, also known as staggered, where one row is positioned between the preceding row. Ten grafts arranged in an interlaced manner can therefore appear twice as dense as ten grafts arranged in a non-interlocked arrangement. 

Second, because the subsequent row of grafts can nestle somewhat inside the preceding row, something that is not allowed in a parallel configuration, interlocking permits a considerably closer arrangement of grafts. Lastly, because the grafts do not compete for the same physical space as they would in a parallel configuration, interlocking sites allow the grafts to fit better. In contrast to a non-interlocking pattern, where grafts may pop or come out as they struggle for space in a parallel arrangement, the graft team placing the grafts should find it considerably easier to insert grafts in an interlocked pattern.

Here's another excellent illustration of quality controlling quantity. Undoubtedly, the overall number of grafts present plays a significant role in determining the outcome; but, if they are mismanaged and dispersed, the outcome may be considerably less than ideal. The principle of interlocking can only be strictly followed, with all of the accompanying benefits for a patient who receives that degree of attention, when a surgeon slows down and takes his time to construct sites in a meticulous and deliberate method (rather than through rapid-fire activity).

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Published - Jan 24, 2024
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